Updated on Dec. 28, 2021

Who is Essentrics™ for?

Essentrics™ is a low-impact fitness workout program which is well-suited for anyone and everyone.

image-Essentrics™ founder Miranda teach group class
Essentrics™ founder, Miranda, teaching group class

Almost everyone has physical imbalances depending on their daily living activities. In today's modern world, most people have poor posture from sitting in front of a computer all day. Many other people have repetitive stress injuries from physically demanding jobs.

Essentrics™ is a full-body rebalancing workout that resets the body, puts it back into its natural alignment and prepares it for all physical activity. It's a preventative program that protects muscles, connective tissue and joints from the risk of injury.

From busy working moms and dads to students, seniors, beginners and professional and amateur high-performance athletes, Essentrics™ works for everyone.

Depending on your objectives, whether it's for weight loss, stress relief, increasing strength and flexibility, or just feeling better in your own skin, Essentrics™ can help. It realigns all physical imbalances by strengthening weak muscles and releasing tight overbuilt muscles.

Essentrics™ for athletes

For athletes with tight overbuilt muscles, it releases tension, increases mobility and flexibility, and allows for greater performance in whatever sport they engage in. When muscles are overbuilt, they limit the range of motion (ROM) of the joints. This prevents the athlete from utilizing the body to its fullest potential. When the joints have access to their full range of motion speed, agility and power are increased and performance is enhanced.

Essentrics™ for beginners and seniors

image-Essentrics™ class with seniors and beginners participants
Essentrics™ for all ages: seniors and beginners

For seniors and beginners who need a gentle low-impact movement program, Essentrics™ will get their blood flowing without stressing delicate muscles and connective tissues.

As people increase in strength and flexibility the program will get progressively more challenging as their objectives change.

Post workout recovery regimen

Essentrics™ can be used to recover faster and reduce muscle soreness after a hard workout. This helps maintain a consistent exercise regimen to achieve one's fitness and health goals. Essentrics™ won't exhaust or overburden the body the day after a workout. It's the kind of program that if done consistently can last a lifetime and will improve the quality of one's life forever.

What can Essentrics do?

  • - Stress relief
  • - Strengthen weak muscles
  • - Regain full range of motion in joints
  • - Recover faster from a hard workout
  • - Increase flexibility/ mobility
  • - Improve posture
  • - Relieves pain and stiffness
  • - Lengthens and slenderizes
  • - Weight loss